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Crushing is beautiful

I like a broken tree stump, branches of betel, also like ancient rust belt, break the dilapidated walls, like deep courtyard a Peng autumn grass, stone tilt jade column fracture, like clouds of cold stars moon root exhaustive stem Shuai defeated flowers, like a silent old man wearing a faded clothes zoujiechuanhang picking up broken, like a little girl slender shoulders carrying cloth blocks old bag to go to school. I even like a chipped beer bottle or a crushed cans silently rolling on the ground, then stop. Whenever I see these fragmentary trivial human things, I always looked at them, until they are at the far realm.

I don't know them how to have beautiful, so I can't imagine their beauty. Therefore, I deeply absorbed in such an unimaginable seeking the source of beautiful, mining their brilliant past, then, suddenly look back, pull these two life forms to the front, suddenly tears. This can not explain all contain many unspeakable grief at separation and joy in union contains the sentimental and romantic themes, the eternal many vicissitudes of life world of desolation!

I like watching people cried, like heard roaring, like drunk rude to spit out some buried in the heart of fermentation of the past, like watching a one-sided to the beloved wedding night holding the umbrella stand in silence in the rain. I love usually quiet chatter without stop Enron people about suffering, always happy contented people suddenly depressed and frustrated, old people remember the yellow youth, lonely people repent miss love. I love stars out of favor after smiled sadly, hero of his very reluctantly back, officialdom frustrated independence for tea, confidante lost beauty on the mirror. I love the people dug up that part of things, their most painful the most painful when the weakest most defenseless and trembling, and then cry, then let the heart bleed.Solar panel assembly

Whenever this time, even I know nothing at all on the front of the people, and I will believe: the man has had a very good still beautiful soul, he experienced the bitterness and suffering, as well as those difficult to contact with feelings and emotions, is his life the most deep impression and most precious storage. Only when he is broken, and he will release the long-awaited dove, and open the window to show their true face.

Can be broken, must really lives. Lin Daiyu's broken, that she has a imprint is engraved on my heart. Love; Sanmao's broken, due to she experienced the vicissitudes of life after a moment of clear and detached; Van Gogh broken, the sun with golden knife so that he is in the light continuous pain; Beethoven is broken, the black and white keys of spiritual extremely tragic impact life movement. If the leak breaking those ordinary people's human nature is the most purely beautiful spot, then breaking these outstanding soul is like a silver fireworks filled with the sky above our heads. We learn how much your dream of life and the essence from ah!

I know, not many people can like me to enjoy this unique happiness and joy, not many people know that this is how the beautiful broken thick thin out our door fields and meadows, like fine moonlight tonight.You don't know the basic knowledge of DVD navigation

Who said: the beauty of a flower, lies in her bloom. Bloom is heart broken.
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